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Our Story

My Flats was born out of the desire of three families to do something different. We all are in or close to our forties, and we all have a few little ones. However, we continue to have a strong and continuous appetite to travel. During our vacations, we realized that we kept going to the typical all-inclusive resorts and missed out on all the local culture, traditions and experiences in the places we visited. We started asking ourselves the question, Why? The answer came quickly to us. Hotels are mostly not family friendly and don’t provide the comfort or services that apartments do. This is how the idea of creating My Flats came to light. We decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

To build a family friendly, like-at-home vacation rental chain which will allow our guests to feel at home during their vacations and to create memorable experiences which will last a lifetime.


Our Mission

Our goal is to create a true immersive experience for our guests, whereby they can enjoy the local culture, food, and traditions. More importantly, we want our guests to experience life in the city they are vacationing at while having the comforts and security of their own homes.

Whether staying in one of our penthouses or in one of our studios, whether you are coming with a group of friends or with your parents, our goal is that our guests feel at home while away from home!

The Team

Making your stay Special

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Daniel Elman


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Manolo Blanco


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Jose Climent


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Vanesa Montero


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Guillermo Gianini


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Marco Benassi



Cynthia Gomez


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Lorna Keller