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19 February, 2019


Vacation rental apartments are very popular amongst travellers, are you wondering why? What all the fuss is about? Keep reading and I will tell you my main 5 reasons to go for a rental apartment instead of a hotel.

I am lucky enough to say that I have travelled a lot, and will continue doing so but since I had my three daughters, I have found that hotels are not that easy when you travel with your family. However, there are a lot of advantages in renting a vacation apartment whether you travel with family, friends or alone. Why?

1- Price. In our case, being a big family, price is the main advantage. Many hotels do not have rooms for 5 people unless you book a family room or suite, therefore the price change is considerably. Rental apartments with two bedrooms or with one bedroom with a sofa-bed will more easily meet your budget requirements.

2- Happy children – Happy parents. Are you travelling with babies or small children? It has happened to all of us that our little vampire decides that 4 am is a good time to play and, maybe, have breakfast. In these cases, a hotel room can feel too small, mostly when other family members want to sleep and has the added problem of a hungry baby or toddler, no chance of cooking anything and few hours wait to the opening of the breakfast buffet.
Problem solved, in a rental apartment you will be tired and sleepy as well but, at least, you will feel like at home.

3- Washing machine. The very best friend of those who, like me, want to travel for as long a period as possible, but refuses to carry more than one suitcase. Hotel laundry services are crazy expensive and most rental apartments come with washing machines and even tumble dryers. Always check before booking because it can make your life a lot easier, specially when travelling with kids.

4- 24/7 Kitchen. Having the possibility of cooking during your holidays is a huge “pro” not only if you want to stick to your budget, but also if you want to save time packing your own snacks or lunch if you go for a day trip. It can also help you enrich and enhance your experience, going to the local markets, talking with the shop keepers and other clients, asking for advice when it comes to local products and, finally, trying out a recipe or two by yourself. This will definitely make you feel like a local and have a real taste of the city you are visiting.

5- Independence. A rental apartment is a home, just for a few days, but a home nevertheless. It will give you freedom to go in and out, like if you where at your own place. It is true that there is a check in time, because of cleaning purposes, but you will always have a direct contact with your host who will arrange the check in and out time meeting your own requirements. Most apartments offer a “self check in” service and let you also know where you can leave the keys in case you are leaving very early in the morning or late at night.

There are many more reasons to try this new way of travelling, and I really encourage you to give it a go if you have never done it. Do not hesitate because there is not a reception “per se”, that is the job of your host, he or she will be always reachable in case you need something, being that a taxi to the airport, the address of the closest pharmacy or simply a piece of advice to fully enjoy your stay. Don’t forget that our main goal is to make you feel at home away from home.

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